Saturday, August 16, 2014

Plaza Hotel from 58th Street

Took this picture of the Plaza Hotel on 58th Street looking generally west beside the GM Building.

Fuller Building Facade

The Fuller Building Facade

National Debt Clock

Picture taken of the National Debt Clock as seen in August 2014.

Venezuelan Consulate Bust of Chavez

This photoblog is in no way intended to be political and this should not be construed as anything remotely honorific. Nevertheless, the Venezuelan consulate does exist in NYC and the country of Venezuela obviously does honor Chavez and obviously Bolivar.

Crane above 432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue is going to redefine the Manhattan skyline simply because the building really is that large. It is going to be larger than the Empire State Building. In this picture, I snapped a closeup of the crane perched atop the building as its under construction in August 2014. The pictures were taken from two different locations, so for the location, in this instance, it is not the position from which the photo was taken, but simply 432 Park Avenue

Friday, August 8, 2014

Times Square Hotels

These two buildings stand in Times Square, One Astor to the left, 1515 Broadway and to the right is the Marriot Maquis, 1536 Broadway. Location is approximate location where picture was taken.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

View from the Port Authority Bus Terminal

The NJ Transit buses come into NYC through the Lincoln Tunnel and then pull into the Port Authority Bus Terminal after rising in height in a large circular/helix. The bus then drops passengers off and they go downstairs into the building before making their way further into the city. Depending on how full your bus is and how busy the bus terminal is, ie. peak/off peak the bus may drop you off closer to 8th Avenue than to 9th Avenue. On this day, I came into the city at an off peak time  and snapped these pictures quickly close to the 'backside' of the Port Authority being the view fairly close to 8th Avenue and 40th Street essentially looking south and east.

Day Meyer Murray & Young, 2nd Ave and 61st

Day Meyer Murray & Young. Where my late grandfather worked for many, many years. I will miss him forever.