Sunday, November 1, 2015

20 Exchange Place

20 Exchange Place is a 57-story Art Deco building in downtown's financial district. Formerly known as the City Bank-Farmers Trust Building. It is the 6th tallest building in downtown Manhattan and 33rd tallest throughout the entire city as of 2015. When it was built, it was the 4th tallest building in NYC. It has been partially converted to residential use.

One New York Plaza

One New York Plaza is the southernmost NYC skyskraper built in its distinct beehive pattern, the building is one of the largest buildings by rentable space. It was heavily damaged by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy.

3 Hanover Square, former NY Cotton Exchange Building

Now converted for residential use. Note the upper floors and the neoclassical 'portico'

NY Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In the plaza between 55 Water and 125 Broad Street

Crown of the The Crest, 63 Wall Street

Dwarfed by larger skyscrapers

63 Wall Street's crown can easily be overlooked

This Art Deco building is 35 stories (438 feet) rising in a series of setbacks to the top with its ornamental gargoyle decor. There are coins adorning the lower building facade.

55 Water St

55 Water Street, a downtown skyscraper overlooking the water as the East River flows into NY Harbor

55 Boad Street

55 Broad Street
55 Broad Street downtown in the heart of the financial district

George Washing Statue at Federal Hall

Federal Hall is the location where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States. His statue graces the corner of Wall Street and Broad at 26 Wall Street.

32 Old Slip/ One Financial Square

32 Old Slip
Also known as One Financial Square

Trinity Church framed by Wall Street

Trinity Church
In this photo we see Trinity Church nestled in the canyon effect created by Wall Street

26 Broadway Street, Standard Oil Building

26 Broadway
Pictured from Bowling Green, 26 Broadway graces Broadway to all who visit.While the building itself never housed Alexander Hamilton, it is the address where Hamilton resided.

Ornate Crown of 26 Broadway